The Heathman cometh

My musings on life in Hampstead and Highgate have so far been consigned to a page tucked away at the back of the Ham&High – despite the clamour among readers to give it a more prominent position.

Heathman out and about

But in the spirit of the 21st Century I have found space on my writing desk for a computer so my chronicling of the comings and goings  in north London can spill over into the internet ether.

I warned you Tom O’Brien, who predicted the end of local newspapers last week, that Heathman had something up his sleeve…

Heathman leaves serious journalism to his younger, eager colleagues, preferring to deal in the trivial matter and chatter which is the true reflection of life in and around Hampstead and Highgate.

So here is a small offering of what you can expect to find on this blog:

West Hampstead was all of a flutter this morning when a BBC film crew descended on the Wet Fish Cafe in West End Lane at around 6am.

Film crew on set at the Wet Fish Cafe Photo: indebted to @TheWetFIshCafe

Close to 50 cast and crew took over the much-loved coffee house – a favourite of Whampstead councillors and the lord of the manor himself @Whampstead – for BBC legal drama Silk.

Maxine Peake was also reported to be on set.

The Wet Fish Cafe hosts BBC film crew Photo: indebted to @laurazet

So whether it’s a small matter of celeb spotting or piece of idle gossip, Heathman wants to hear it.

CORRECTION: Thanks to Nigel Foster for pointing out Heathman’s error. But Claire Skinner and Makine Peake do look remarkably similar to Heathman’s old eyes.

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1 Response to The Heathman cometh

  1. Nigel Foster says:

    Maxine Peake is not in Outnumbered. That is Claire Skinner.

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